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Saturday, August 23, CLOSED

Saturday, August 30, NON-POINTS/ Driver Swap Fun Race

Gates open at 3:00pm

Practice begins at 6:00pm

KVKW Driver Swap Race

No Entry Fee

10 kart/20 Driver MAXIMUM

(2) Heats- 10 laps

Feature- 30 laps

Only one (1) kart may be used between both drivers

Driver (A) must run Heat 1 and Driver (B) must run Heat 2.

On lap 15 of the Feature, a “competition caution” will be thrown

at which point drivers will line up behind the pace car,

and will then be allowed to enter pit road for the driver change.

The kart must be STOPPED and the ENGINE SHUT OFF before Driver (A) can exit.

Driver (B) must stay behind the designated line until the kart comes to a complete stop.

At that point the drivers can swap positions and Driver (A) may restart the engine and allow Driver (B) to enter the racetrack.

This is to ensure the safety of all participants.